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My Story
Who I Am
Hi! I'm Enita, proud homeschooling mom of 3. After having a hospital birth that didn't turn out exactly as I wanted, I started delving into the world of information on natural birth, reading everything and anything. I had questions that were unanswered, most of them along of the lines of "Why didn't I know that?" or "Why didn't someone tell me this?". This was just reinforced when I became pregnant again, realizing that the information and options we are given are normally the options they are comfortable/used to giving, and not necessarily the only ones there are. I decided that for this birth, I would love to have a doula that can not only help me emotionally and with non-pharmaceutical pain relief options , but also advocate for what I want and try and help me achieve this. I had a beautiful, restorative birth, exactly how I wanted it (You can read both my experiences under the "Birth Story" tab: Reuben and Ané)! This made me decide that I would like to help moms achieve this for themselves. As a doula, I would love to help you get more information, make your wishes known, and try to help you have the birth that you want. Give me a call or whatsapp that we can meet up and see if we, together with your partner, would make a good birthing team. I am fluent in Afrikaans, English and the grunts, groans and gestures of labour.
My Services

Prenatal Visits

Offering support and information

Birthing Guidance

Emotional support, advocating for you, birthing positions and non-pharmacological pain relief options

Postpartum Support

Homevisits to help out with what need be

All above available as virtual support as well

1 / 3
"The amount of effort put in by her (Enita) to ease the pregnancy is astonishing."

- Chris

2 / 3
"She brought with her such a sense of calm and tranquility like the feeling you get when you sit under a blanket on the couch, drinking a cup of tea when it’s raining outside."

- Michelle

3 / 3
"Then she became my God-sent angel, she gave me all the support l needed and the journey became more easy for me"

- Yue

3 / 3
"Dearest Enita. God knew I needed you. You blessed me in more ways that words can say. "

- Ruzaan

3 / 3
"Enita was one of the best decisions we made for our first pregnancy."

- CJ

3 / 3
"Really enjoyed having her at my side during my birth! It was relaxed, like having a friend over. But very efficient and helpful. I highly recommend havubg her at your side."

- Marlè

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.”

– Dr John H Kennell

Contact Me

Areas of service are Strand, Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Grabouw, Rooi-Els, Pringle Bay and Betty's Bay, but contact me if your area is not listed.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Zoom meetings will be held, if you so choose, and virtual support will be given during the birth, so the geographical area is not as important as before.


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